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Krishna leela.....

Krishna Leela is a celebration in the form of a play which depicts the exploits of Lord Krishna (an incarnation of God),as He took descent on earth many thousands of years ago in the age of Dwapar or Dwapar Yug as it is commonly called. This is a play similar to Ramleela and it consists of scenes depicting His appearance from a baby to His teenage days. Songs and music fills this celebration and it concludes with the destruction of Kansa (the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna) who was by nature, a cruel person. Two venues that are famous for these celebrations in Trinidad are Debe near Penal and Lothians Road in Princes Town. The celebration has been a bit sporadic over the years but is very much alive and well in these parts. However, the exploits of Lord Krishna can be found in the texts the Bhagwat Mahapuran and the Mahabarat and are excellent sources of reference.

Kartik Snan
Kartik Purnima
also called
Kartik Nahan.....

This celebration has been around for as long as there has been Hindus in Trinidad.Manzallina has become the most favourite location for this celebration . Presently there are certain facilities set up there for the yearly performance of Pooja (prayers) and it is a site visited by thousands yearly.

Kartik Snan also called Kartik Purnima or Kartik Nahan as it is commonly known, occurs each year in the month of Kartik ( October-November) on the full moon day.
On this day Hindus in Trinidad travels to Manzallina beach and other beaches in the country and there they would bathe in the sea and then they would perform Pooja (prayers) . Some worship Ganga Devi (the Goddess who presides over the Holy Rivers) and others would worship Lord Satyanarayan (the Supreme Master Himself).

The more learned also worships Lord Kartikeaya (the brother of Lord Ganesh) . This month of Kartik was in fact named after Lord Kartikeaya. At the end of all Poojas, Prasad (sweets that are blessed), are distributed amongst friends family and neighbours.

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When Lord Ganesh was designated as Pratham Pujya (the first diety to be worshiped) His younger brother Kartikeaya questioned his role as it would then be for the rest of creation.It was determined then ,that a month in the year will be dedicated to Kartikeaya and this month will be called Kartik. All worship done in this month will contribute to the spiritual upliftment of the individual concerned.

It must be noted here that Diwali (the festival of lights) falls on the new moon of this month. However, it was also decreed that on the last day (the day of the full moon) of this month of Kartik, that Pooja or prayers must be offered in the name of Kartikeaya and whosover shall do so will indeed be cleansed of their sins.

The greatness
Full moon.....

On this day, Tripura-Sur (a demon) was destroyed by Lord Shiva (the Lord of auspiciousness) and the world was once again a safe place to live in. As such, this day marks the remembrance day of the death of Tripura-Sur.

In the Ayurveda (one of the four authorities or Vedas ) it is written that the last eight days of Kartik and the first eight days of Margashirsha (the month following Kartik) is known as Yamdanshtra or the strength of death. During this time, we should take light meals, baths at sea,rivers or ponds and devote ourselves to prayer. These are the reasons why we eat Satwic (healthy non-meat) light food, and bathe in water that flows naturally for healthy growth and spiritual grace.

Pandit Bhadase Maharaj.



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