Kunti weds Pandu...

an introduction
1.The descent of Bharata
2.In the Beginning
4.The abduction of
Amba,Ambika and Ambalika
5.The birth of Pandu,Dhritarashtra and Vidura
7.Kunti weds Pandu
8.The death of Pandu
9.The selection of Gurus
11.A curse imprecated on Karna
12.End of their education
13.Drona's Guru Dakshina
14.Yudhishtira's coronation
15.Tthe Pandavas goes to Varnavata
16.The house of wax
17.Bhima's marriage
18.The slaying of Bakasura
20.The Pandavas are alive
Many years passed and Kunti grew up to be a very beautiful woman.She selected Pandu as her husband in a Swyamvara.Pandu also had another wife called Madri.They all lived quite happily for many years.Pandu was a pwerful ruler and conquered many nations.

Once Pandu with his two wives went to the forest and there they spent some time enjoying the beauty of the fragrant flowers etc.Being a great hunter,Pandu would indulge in hunting activities.

Now in that forest lived a rishi and his wife and the both wanted to enjoy the ultimate in amorous pleasures which could only be achieved by animals.They both took the form of deer and were enjoying the best of pleasures.

While mating,Pandu shot an arrow at them and they were mortally wounded.They transformed themselves into human form again and spoke to Pandu."O great King,how could you forget the rules of Dharma?The Shastras forbid one from killing an animal while it is mating.This sinful action of yours will cost you your very own life.Whenever you approach your wife fill with desire and wanting to mate with her,you too will die."

The rishi and his wife died before Pandu could beg their forgiveness. Pandu returned to the hut where his wives were and he told them about the curse that was placed on him.He decided to stay back in the forest and not return to his kingdom.He then dispatched all his servants back to Hastinapura and his wives stayed with him.

Pandu gave up all hopes of ever returning to Hastinapura.His wives got rid of their fine clothing and jewelry and they all lived like ascetics.As time passed on,He became worried that he had no son and suggested that his wives become concieved by a rishi so that they could obtain an heir to the throne.

Then Kunti revealed to him about her encounter with the sage Durvasa and how he blessed her with a mantra that could invoke any god when used.Pandu became very happy and instructed her to invoke the Lord of Dharma.In due course of time a son was born to her and he possessed the attributes of Lord Dharma himself.His name was Yudhishtira.

After about a year Pandu wanted another son and this time Kunti invoked the Lord Vayu.To them a son Bhima was born with attributes as powerful as Vayu.Not being satisfied with two sons,Pandu made Kunti invoke the great Lord Indra from whom Arjuna was born,possessing the strenght of Indra himself.

Pandu's greed did not stop there.He asked Kunti to use the mantra again but this time she refused.She explained to him that it is now ad-dharmic to use the mantra another time because the remedial use of it has already been absorbed by her.

Then Pandu instructed her to teach his other wife Madri the mantra. Kunti did so and Madri invoked the Gods who were the Ashwin twins.To her was born twins.Nakula and Sahadeva were their names.These twins were very handsome and had some excellent attributes too.

Back in Hastinapura,on the day Bhima was born,Gandhari the wife of Dhritarashtra also gave birth to a son.He was called Duryohdhana.Ninety nine other sons were born to Gandhari and one daughter.

On the day Duryohdhana was born,Dhritarashtra consulted with the wise Vidura asking him about the evil omens which occured.Vidura told him that this child would be destructive and would cause the end of his lineage but being his first son,Dhritarashtra ignored the advice that Vidura gave to him.

Pandit Bhadase Maharaj.


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