Krishna leela...


Krishna was the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu and also the eight child of Devaki and Vasudeva. He descended on planet earth in the age of Dwarpara on the eight lunar day in the month of Bhadrapada. He was brought up in a family of cowheards and was a devout protector of cows. He loved playing the flute which had a mesmerising effect on everyone around him.

Krishna’s main purpose as an avatar was described very eloquently by himself in the Bhavad Gita. He says that: “whenever there is a decline of righteousness and unrighteousness is on the rise, then I body myself forth. For the protection of the virtuous, for the destruction of evil doers and for establishing Dharma on a firm footing, I am born from age to age".

Krishna's childhood activities...


Krishna’s childhood activities fascinates his devotees and while his entire stay on earth comprises what is called His leela, it is the childhood activities that are mainly highlighted when the leelas are discussed. He performed super heroic thrills while still an infant such as killing the serpent Kaliya.
• He lay waste the demoness Putana
• He overturned a cart when he needed milk
• He revealed the entire cosmos in His mouth to mother Yashoda
• He killed the demon Trinivarta
• He exchanged grains for fruit with a fruit seller and the grains turned into precious stones

These childhood adventures are the cornerstone of the theatrical ballet or play which comprises the annual Krishna Leela celebrations. It usually culminates with the dramatical enactment of Krishna killing his evil maternal uncle Kansa who had overthrown his own father who was King. Kansa was also exceptionally cruel to children and his punishment came at the hands of Krishna himself.