Lakshme, the Hindu Goddess of light...


From the ocean of milk appeared Lakshme who illumined the four quarters with Her majestic appearance. Her appearance was like a streak of lightening, flashing like the crystalline mountain range called Sudama. It is because of this extreme illumination and brilliance that she became known as the Goddess of Light. All present there including Devas and demons became mesmerized by her, she being the symbol of absolute wealth. Lord Indra the lord of paradise, brought for Her a throne as a gift. The great river Goddesses Ganga, Saraswati, Godavari and others brought forth in jars of gold sacred water for Her ablutions and so did Mother Earth who brought for Her a variety of herbs also for ablutions.

The sacred cows yeilded to her Panch Gavya or milk, ghee or butter, dahi or curds, dung and urine.The god presiding over the season of Spring brought forth flowers and fruits appropriate to that season. The Maharishis who were great seers laid down the procedures for performing Her ablutions, all in accordance with the Shastric principles or scriptural ordinances. The celestial musicians sang auspicious songs and their wives danced and even sang too. Those who presided over the clouds sounded their tomtoms, tabors, drums, and clarionets and also blew their conches (Shank), flutes and lutes.

...wealth and wisdom


Then the elephants guarding the four quarters bathed Goddess Shri with golden jars filled with water whilst she held a lotus flower in one of Her hands. This was done to the accompaniment of the appropriate mantras being recited by the Brahmanas. The god presiding over the ocean offered Her two pieces of yellow silk for wrapping the upper and lower parts of Her body whilst the lord who presides over water gave Her a garland of flowers called Vaijayanti. So fresh were the flowers that black bees hovered around and became intoxicated with the taste of its honey. Vishwakarma a lord of created beings offered Her beautiful ornaments and Saraswati the Goddess of speech and learning offered Her a beautiful necklace of pearls. Brahma the creator gave to Her a lotus and the Nagas who are semi divine serpents, a pair of earrings.

Holding in one of her hands, an arrangement of lotuses with black bees bussing about it and with a charming face and a pretty smile, with beautiful earrings hanging against her lovely face, Lakshme now moved about in search of a suitable match of Her choice. Having a symmetrical bosom painted with sandal paste and saffron, possessing a slender waist and with the sweet jingling of Her anklets She moved here and there in that distinguished assembly. Having deliberated for a while, Shri Lakshme chose for a spouse none other than Vishnu the sustainer of the three worlds. Having accepted Him as a spouse, a loud noise issued from conches and other musical instruments. There was singing and dancing and great celebrating. Brahma, Shiva and the sage Angira showered their praises on Lord Vishnu on this special occasion. In this manner the revered Shukadev narrated to Emperor Parikshit how Lakshme appeared for the first time.