About me...


The quest for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment often takes the aspirant down several pathways and I too have been down some of those. My journey took me to the humble abode of Pandit Seereeram Jadoonanan Misra of Penal in South Trinidad. Panditji operated a School of Theology called the Sanatan Vidwad Vidyalaya where he dedicated most of his time in training young and aspiring pandits and providing them with the necessary tools to go out and serve the community in the field of Sanatan Dharma. It was under his tutorship and spiritual guidance that I attained the priesthood.

Having received my academic education I ventured out discovering new adventures. Computers and the World Wide Web fascinated me a great deal so I started doing webpage designing as an experimental project; this later developed into a hobby and in 1998 I launched this website which has been online ever since. This site became the first of its kind originating from Trinidad and continues to receive tremendous hits from people all over the world. Even though the information provided here is limited in several ways, if someone finds something educational or enlightening in any way whatsoever then, the purpose here has been more than accomplished.

Pandit Bhadase Maharaj

About Panditji...


Pandit Seereeram Jadoonanan Misra studied in India and wrote his Shastri exams at the University of Banaras. Included in his official training were the Sanskrit and Hindi languages, Hindu Astrology and overall he also studied all the relevant texts that would eventually make him an exemplary in this part of the world. It was after his return to Trinidad that he started the School of Theology, the Sanatan Vidwad Vidyalaya.

In the years that followed, Panditji went on to write several books such as Dharam Updesh, in two volumes. This was a question and answer discussion on several topics on Hinduism. He wrote Panchang Vigyan which is a text dealing with the fundamentals of Hindu Astrology, Intermediate Hindu Astrology, two volumes of Sanskrit Grammar, a text on the Miracles of The Tulsi plant and Purohit Karma Vigyan which until his demise was the only instructional text on the performance of Hindu rituals ever written by a Trinidadian.

Despite the great amount of time he put into his religious work, Panditji still found time to be a full-time teacher at one of the Primary schools in Penal, South Trinidad. He also taught at a Polytechnic School in Princes Town and he was also a qualified Doctor of Homopathy. In continuing his services to the Hindu community he made frequent trips to Florida, USA where he also served in one of the Hindu temples in Fort Lauderdale. As a guest of The Meditation Society of Trinidad & Tobago, he had an audience with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Holland.

His love for the Ramayana was noticeably expressed in his discourses and the messages contained therein remains as life-long lessons to those who have been fortunate to listen to him. He made quite a few subsequent trips to India and visited a number of pilgrimage sites. On 12, January 1996, Panditji departed from this mortal world leaving behind a lifetime of service to Sanatan Dharma and an unparalleled contribution to the Hindu community of Trinidad & Tobago.

Gone but not forgotten !!!